Sandbox Bickering!

As you all know, I have been looking to find my real family, who I am, for many years now… with no success. I have looked for help from law enforcement, pro bono attorneys and pro bono private detectives (which I have yet to find any pro bono attorney/P.I. who truly does do pro bono and not just falsely advertises “pro bono” simply as a way to impress people and to get an award and a pat on the back for being a “great guy or gal”).

Another place I have looked to is NamUs. I got this wild idea a few years back. Really, it was a long shot idea, one that I was willing to take. NamUs has partnered up with UNT Health Science Center/UNT Center for Human Identification to identify remains with the DNA of families who voluntarily gave their DNA hoping that their DNA would match a remain and they would have closure. Don’t get me wrong, there is no family member who says “I hope my loved one is dead!” They hope that their DNA does not match a body at some coroners office or “unknown” grave in a cemetery. They do this to rule out the 40 thousand+ sets of remains that no human has a clue as to who they are.

My “wild long shot idea” was that if my real parents entered their DNA in the national database, if I could get NamUs to test my DNA through their partner UNT Health Science Center/UNT Center for Human Identification, I may be able to find my real family.

Well, the first time I contacted UNT Health Science Center/ UNT Center for Human Identification was by email on Tuesday April 14, 2015 and I sent the email to a Dr. Eisenberg who was the contact person. 

It is now Wednesday June 21, 2017 and I have yet to hear from Dr. Eisenberg.

The second time I contacted them was yesterday, and so far, no response.

Yesterday, before I emailed them, I looked on NamUs and UNT Health Science Center/UNT Center for Human Identification’ websites. Yesterday, NamUs was advertising UNTHSC/UNTCFHI as being the lab that does the testing. Yesterday, UNTHSC/UNTCFHI had a letter posted with the date of February 26, 2017. I printed the letter off and with your patience, I would like to retype it here.


February 26, 2017

Dear Valued Customer,

We were recently notified by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) that the grant Using DNA Technology to Identify the Missing would not be offered in 2017 for fiscal year 2018. The UNT Center for Human Identification (UNTCHI) has been a recipient of this award since 2004 and because of this funding has been able to process thousands of cases for agencies across the United States. Unfortunately without these funds from NIJ, UNTCHI will not be able to offer DNA testing and anthropology services to agencies outside the state of Texas.

We currently are processing all samples in our custody with funding from our current NIJ award; however, due to the limited amount of remaining funds, effective February 26, 2017 UNTCHI no longer will be able to accept new submissions. Agencies will be contacted regarding return of submissions received postmarked on or after the date of this letter.

We sincerely regret this inconvenience and are working with NIJ and other avenues towards a resolution. If funding becomes available we will notify your agency immediately that we are resuming services at no cost. If interested, we will be developing a fee-for-service strategy to continue to provide DNA testing and anthropology services to your agency.

Please do not hesitate to contact the laboratory at 1-800-763-3147 if you would like additional information. We hope to resolve the funding issue and to work with you in the future. Thank you for your support these past years.

Best Regards,

Bruce Budowle, PhD, Laboratory Director

Dixie Peters, Technical Leader, Missing Persons Unit

Melody Josserand, CODIS Administrator

Linda LaRose, Quality Manager

Hector Saenz, Operations Manager

Mark Ingraham, Associate Director Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology


Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine*Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences*School of Public Health*School of Health Professions*Health Institutes of Texas*UNT Health

3500 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Fort Worth, Texas 76107* 817-735-2000


An EEO/Affirmative Action Institution


Now, I have several issues with this letter:

  1. NamUs as of Tuesday June 20, 2017 is still advertising them.
  2. UNTCHI refusing service to any one outside of Texas even though NIJ’ grant is for ALL people in ALL states and territories in the United States of America.
  3. My suspicion that UNTCHI’ definition of “fiscal year” is not NIJ’ definition of “fiscal year” and therefore are not using the grant money for what NIJ’ grant expects and for how long.
  4. UNTCHI’ lack of compassion is very clear in this letter: “Dear Valued Customer”, “We sincerely regret this inconvenience”, “Best Regards”. UNTCHI seems to have forgotten a number of important rules of decency: 1) their Hippocratic oath of “first do no harm” and 2) missing and dead people are not commodities nor are we invisible, and you will not treat us as “merchandise” being pedaled by some company for “processing”: “Dear Valued Customer”?! Also, how dare you spit in our faces with “Best Regards”?!?! Whether we are dead or missing, we have no control over our situation. Our “Best Regards” are totally dependent on whether you have a backbone or not! Yea! Yea! Yea! The only thing I suspect you “regret” and consider an “inconvenience” is not being given another “blank check” from NIJ to fritter away! So, NIJ strips you of further grant money and what do you do? You retaliate like a little kid pouting in a sandbox because you didn’t get your “ice cream” and so like throwing sand, you throw us missing, dead, and the families of the missing and dead to the wolves and have the nerve to tell us “We sincerely regret this inconvenience” and “Best Regards”! You don’t deserve this grant money and should be forced to pay back every red cent you receive in grants for the last 13 years (2004-2017)
  5. UNTCHI’ proven track record they do not and will not respond to inquiries.
  6. There was estimated a number of years back about 40,000+ sets of unidentified remains. I read not too long ago that NamUs still has 40,000 + sets of unidentified remains, which leads me to the question: What has UNTCHI really been doing with the grant money for the last 13 years?
  7. I suspect the reason UNTCHI lost the grant is due to several things: 1) failure or refusal to follow through with identifying a reasonable amount of unidentified humans; 2) failure and/or refusal to respond appropriately to the families of the missing, or even the missing themselves; 3) UNTCHI’ proof (especially in this letter) of their lack of compassion and their failure to the Hippocratic oath of ” First do no harm”. 

Well, so far I do not know who will get the grant from NIJ for 2018, but, hopefully the next teaching hospital system will have a backbone so they will not only succeed but will show the dead, missing, and the families of the dead and missing the compassion, dignity, and respect they rightfully deserve,  and not just choose to “fritter” the grant money away! 

AND, will behave maturely instead of acting like a pouting child throwing sand in a sandbox because he/she didn’t get their way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Fortune Cookie Has A Sense of Humor!

I was going through a bunch of boxes yesterday evening and came across a fortune from a cookie I had eaten a while back. I am a person who has no faith in a fortune cookie’ prediction. I mean, all the times I have received the prediction of “you are going to meet a tall dark handsome man”, I have yet to meet him (but then, I am not looking for him). It is just a temporary curiosity to look forward to, like the Cracker Jacks prizes one looked for as a child, excited to find it and then soon forgotten for the next curiosity.

Any ways, I looked at this “fortune” and stood there in disbelief at what I was reading. I had to read it several times to make sure I wasn’t misreading or hallucinating it. I am even looking at it now to make sure it still says it incase I had dreamed it. I am going to save and laminate it.

It says:

“You have a lively family.”

NOW! If that ain’t a mouthful of prediction, I don’t know what is!

The Same Ol’ Same Ol’

I didn’t realize it has been over a year since my last post. I had decided not to post quite a while back out of guilt that maybe I am wrong to feel this way towards them and airing the “dirty laundry”, and that I should just “grin and bear it”.  Another words: my Stockholm Syndrome, I guess, had flared up.

I am kind of at a low point today because we had a wambanger of a fight yesterday evening (the three of us) which I have no doubt the neighbors heard for blocks and courts around, even though it was indoors. But then, the neighbors have been finding their “fair share” of getting screamed and cussed at by both of them.

I think it was around Memorial Day weekend. I heard these blood curdling shrilling screams of curse words coming from their bedroom. I ran to their room wondering what heinous thing had happened to set her off. I found her half way out of the window shrilling curse words that would make a raunchy mouthed sailor blush. She slammed the window shut still cussing. I asked her what was wrong and she tells me the next door neighbors elementary age grandchildren were throwing trash over the fence into their (my abductors) back yard. I didn’t go out to see if there was trash because of shock at her explosion towards these little kids. I know that sounds crazy considering I have seen and heard them in 50-something years of action.

Nothing should shock me, but this explosion did and I just stood there like I was frozen in time, or, a statue. The next morning I got up and immediately went into the backyard to get the offending trash, but, I didn’t see any. I don’t think that the grandparents and parents would even play “Russian Roulet by sending the children in to get the trash. Nor do I believe the grandparents and parents would be brave enough to come onto the property to get the trash. I know neither of my abductors went outside to get the trash. So, the only conclusion I have come to is that the kids did not throw any thing over the fence. She just saw the kids playing near the fence and maybe thought they were going to throw something, or, another conclusion could be she just didn’t want to see nor hear the children playing nearby.

The Friday before Memorial Day we (the three of us plus their dog) went to Pennsylvania to do the graves. That’s a story in itself. Originally they both didn’t want me going. Then she told me that she was going to pay a cousin to do the graves so she wouldn’t have to go up there. That one threw me for a loop because I didn’t know how she was going to have him do the graves when the man was in his own grave! When I casually made the statement about I thought he passed away the year before, she said she was going to go on Sunday, then Saturday.  I did not know what to tell my contact in Pennsylvania. I think about it being the holiday weekend and all the officers who have family or vacation plans, officials who have to do scheduling and this “monkey wrench” or “banana peel” that my abductors throw into the way…..

there was no reason for it. I just hope my contact and all of my contacts officers and staff know that I am sorry for this nonsense and that I am grateful to them for their overwhelming patience and dedication in protecting this child. It was about two or three days before when they decided to take me with them. I notified my contact.

So, we got there in one piece and alive even with him slamming on the breaks when another driver with West Virginia tags tailgaited him. That made the West Virginia driver furious. We got there in one piece even with her screaming and cussing at some woman at a grocery store up there who asked her a friendly simple non-threatening question. We got there and we got back alive and in one piece…

and I was thankful they did not offer to stop at the “Welcome to Maryland” and “Welcome to Virginia” signs so I could kiss the signs.

I have been thinking about this child a lot lately. I have heard a lot of people say that children grow up too fast. I even believe it and have told many parents over the years “not to blink because when they open their eyes, their child will be begging them for either the car keys or to watch the grandbabies so they and their spouse can go on a “date night”.


for some strange, weird, “twilight zone” reason, this child is still a child. It seems like decades since she was born. Surely she should be a normal child and be out of college and married with a baby on the way!


she’s not. It seems like time has stopped for this child…

like in Brigadoon.

If I am correct, I think she is only around eleven years old. I know any parent who loves their child would consider my wish or desire for their child to grow up fast a curse. I don’t wish this lightly. I wish it knowing that when she is an adult, she will no longer be vulnerable and at risk to my abductors.

Well, I have to go and there is still a lot to post, if I have the stomach for it. They are going up to Pennsylvania again this weekend, without me. I was suppose to watch their dog down here while they are up there, but after yesterday evening, they may tell me tonight that they will take the dog with them and leave her in the hot car just to upset me, and they will do it.

I don’t consider myself  a “perfect Christian”, as a matter of fact, I look at myself as a “work in progress” and wonder at times if I am even salvageable or should just be condemned and demolished because I am beyond hope. I don’t go around twisting and running the words of the Lord into the ground thereby making people abhor the Lord. I use to go to church and admired “wholesome pillar of the community” Christians whom I (I, MYSELF, and ME) considered and treated them as being better than me. I even tried to learn from them. Yet, every single one of these “Pillars of the Community” abhorred and disdained being asked to pray for someone unless that someone was rich, powerful, influential.

I am nobody. This request is not for the “Pillars of the Community” nor for those who wear their Christianity like an uncomfortable tuxedo and then quickly remove it at the first opportunity they have (being when they no longer need it).

This is for the nobodies, like me. If you are a nobody who BELIEVES in prayer and also LOVES praying, please pray for this child and her family’ safety. Please pray for the neighbors and their children/grandchildren’ safety. Please pray for my abductors dog’ safety. Please pray for the police officers safety.  Please pray for the safety of all those (including the next door neighbors cat) who my abductors will come into contact with. Please pray for my abductors true salvation.

Thank you.


Got To Love That Full Moon!

First of all, Happy Resurrection Sunday.

Their Jack Russell Terrier got to eat last Saturday and on Tuesday. The other days, if she ate, which I doubt, it was out. I made sure she at least had fresh water in as many bowls as I could manage to sneak to wash and refill with clean water. I snuck her two dog bones this morning. She hasn’t had a dog bone in two to three weeks. I figure, if they make her go without food again today, at least she has two dog bones.

The Department of the Census has decided to do a mid-decade Census. Why, I have no idea. Normally, the Census has always been every ten years landing on 00,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,and then repeats itself starting with 00. So, why they are doing a Census in 2016, your guess is as good as mine.

The Department of the Census sent theirs a while back and they ignored it. The Department of the Census sent them a little postcard telling them in so many words to do it by mail or by phone or they would show up at their door to make them do it.

I haven’t seen the questions but I have heard about some of the questions, that the questions are very intrusive. For example, they want your whole medical history written down for them. They want to know who your employer and your immediate supervisor is. Like I said, I have not seen the questions, but they were complaining that it was none of the government’ business.

Yesterday, I saw the Census in it’s sealed envelope on the counter waiting to be mailed. The Federal Government is obviously strapped for money because while I don’t go out of my way to look at the mail that is waiting to be mailed, I couldn’t help but notice his answer through the cheap envelope. There was a time when the government used top quality paper especially if the information was confidential. Obviously, not anymore.

I don’t think the Director is going to be very happy with the answer he gave him. It might give some postal employee sorting through mail a good laugh at the answer and tell his buddies about how “bold this guy is”, but, considering that the government does not take “No” for an answer from it’s citizens,  I doubt the Director will be happy with this answer. So, I suspect the Department of the Census will be showing up sometime next week or the week after to flex it’s muscles. The Department of the Census is in for a rude awakening because they have no clue as to what they are walking into. I’d like to say that I hope they wait till the full moon is over but whether it’s a full moon or not, my abductors love fighting, even if it’s to the death, and they’re getting worse.

So far, the Prince William County Police Department hasn’t been by about their Jack Russell Terrier…

Maybe they’re waiting for the full moon to end.


I’d like to say that I didn’t see it coming

that it was a shock to me

to everyone

but it wasn’t, all the signs were there

Maybe I turned a blind eye hoping I was wrong

or maybe I thought you were kidding

but either way I wish it wasn’t true

I could’ve been there to help you

to be there when you needed someone the most

now I’ll never know.


By: Abby February 2, 2014





I have been pondering my childhood a lot lately. Thinking about all the things that have happened to me and one thing that seems to keep coming up is the thought: there is no way that in my interactions with neighbors, teachers, principals, Girl Scouts, and other adults I have crossed in my daily life that none of them could not have known something was terribly wrong.

They all knew with their interactions with my female abductor that she was not stable. In fact, that she was capable of violence (as they found out when I showed up to class in first grade covered in blood). They all saw that. They also saw he was a mean man, what little they saw of him. They also saw me and how I was always in distress. Yes, they were not in the home to witness the brutality, but, they saw the signs and knew: “something is terribly wrong”.

So, why didn’t any of them do something, anything?

Because they all suffered from a catastrophic incurable disease called HTAT or HANDS THAT ARE TIED.

This is a terrible disease suffered by billions of people, especially our elected leaders who don’t do their job and turn around and say “My hands are tied”, but that’s another story for another time.

I know first hand how people have turned a blind eye all throughout my childhood and how the police and the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children have turned a blind eye due to their hands are tied. I can’t do that to another.

My abductors have a Jack Russell Terrier who is going to be 10 or 11 years old. Even though she is in her 70’s (in dog years), she is just like a two year old SPOILED ROTTEN! We all, including myself, have made her this way.

My male abductor’ health has deteriorated, but, he doesn’t help the situation by ignoring the doctors and doing exactly opposite. His rage and dementia has increased. Their Jack Russell Terrier’ left leg was injured about two to three weeks ago while she was with him. He doesn’t know how her leg was injured. Fortunately, it was not broken. He refuses to let her eat, provide her fresh water, take her for walks. When she is taken out to do her business, he chokes her with her chain even though she has at least three dog harnesses (he refuses to use them) and screams and cusses at her to “HURRY UP AND PISS!” She spends the majority of her time in their bed with them or in a dog cage.

Sometimes they take her with them when they go somewhere and they leave her in the hot or cold vehicle. I have tried talking with them about the dangers of the temperature and also the threat of her being dognapped. They ignore me.

I have tried to take her out, feed her, give her fresh water and he screams and cusses at me. Yesterday afternoon he started to lunge for me while screaming and cussing because I took her out of the cage and out to pee.

My female abductor refuses to do anything because, well, she also suffers from HTAT. I got chewed out last night by her about it. I am just to turn a blind eye.

Well, I can’t do that.

I have no doubt in my mind that he is trying to kill her so she will not live after he dies. Actually, don’t write me off as nuts, because NBC News did a story on people who take their animals to the grave with them. You can read all about it at:…

The pharaohs of Ancient Egypt use to do the same thing. They would have their favorite pets murdered and buried in the tomb with them so the pet could be with them in the afterlife.

In Prince William County, their is an unwritten and unadvertised list. It is a list of whose lives are considered of value in Prince William County. It is a very short list and in order of priority:

1.   Elected Officials and their families

2.  Elected Officials cronies (only the ones they truly care about)

3.  Police Officers and their families

4.  animals

Every one else can go, well, you know where.

I would like to ask any one in WordPress world who cares about animals if you could let Chief Hudson know that this letter is for him. I would call, but, after the call to the main number and then to him alerting him of the suspicious man taking photos of Starbucks ventilation and lighting systems (about the time of the terrorist attack in California) went ignored, I pretty much know they would turn a blind eye to a Jack Russell Terrier out of spite due to my vocal “viewpoints”.

Now, be nice. After all, your not me, so he should listen to you. His number is (703)792-6650.

Dear Chief Stephan M. Hudson,

First of all, let me congratulate you on your retirement which officially begins at the end of your shift on March 31, 2016. You deserve it. I know you must be exhausted from holding two positions at the same time: your position as Chief of Police and the Head of Internal Affairs.

Chief Hudson, I know you must have much to do in your last week before you leave and I don’t want to take you away from that, but, if you could squeeze in helping a vulnerable dog, I would appreciate it. Also, since she is an animal and therefore privileged to be on Prince William County’ unwritten and unadvertised short list of whose lives are of value, you are obligated to help her.

I care about her and you will never know how contacting you is breaking my heart because of the fear deep down that the police will take her, but, I can’t stand seeing them mistreat her and possibly trying to kill her. All those childhood years I was mistreated and others turned a blind eye due to their HTAT really sucked. I wonder if somebody had taken the initiative, would I have been returned to my family years ago and my abductors would be in jail. Obviously, this is something we will never know and even if we could turn back time, I have no doubt that those adults in my life would repeat history.

Chief Hudson, I am hoping that you can convince them to properly feed her every day, give her fresh water every day, walk her every day as the weather allows, take her out to do her business every two to three hours and be patient with her. After all, she cannot take herself to the toilet on her own and I don’t know how you would like it if you needed assistance to the bathroom and the person helping you there screamed at you “HURRY UP AND PISS!” If you could convince them to use her harness so they will not choke her (she has three harnesses). If you could convince them to give her a bath at least once a week.  If you could convince them to stop hitting her and kicking her. Chief Hudson, her leg did not injure itself!!!

Chief, I am also hoping you can convince them to leave her home when they have to go out instead of condemning her to staying in a hot/cold car or truck while they shop or are in the doctors office.

I have been more than willing to help them take care of her but they are refusing all help. If you could convince them to allow me to help take care of her. Chief Hudson, I don’t want to see her taken away and I don’t want her to be killed due to abuse and neglect. 

Chief Hudson, they desperately need help. They’re mean, cruel, violent, narcissistic, vulgar, abusive, lie through their teeth, combative, argumentative, unreasonable. I am hoping that for their Jack Russell Terrier’ sake you can reach them.

The next door neighbor has a cat they have taken a hatred to like the Guide Dog across the street that my male abductor said he would impale with a pitch fork. My male abductor is planning on setting a trap to catch the cat and drive it 50 miles up to West Virginia to set it loose. They hate cats. My female abductor said she has a different idea. To buy a gun and shoot the cat. Lately, they have not talked in front of me about their desire to see a cop killed, but while it is good they lost their death wish for the police, it could just mean that their death wish is temporarily moved to the next door neighbors cat.

Chief Hudson, these are not reasonable people. They do not care about anything nor any one but themselves. So, it would be wise to have backup when you show up. While they do not care about a dead cop (s), I do care. Please be careful.

Chief, I am sorry if you find me brazen and I know you are busy, and I know I am nothing and my life means absolutely nothing to any of you, but, don’t curse an innocent dog just because I exposed the “dirt”. You all took a gamble concerning that suspicious man at Starbucks by doing nothing, and thankfully nothing tragic has happened, and hopefully will not happen. If he had been a terrorist would all those lives have been worth it just because I exposed the “dirt”?  Just like the call I made about the blood curdling screams of a woman one night. I had to call 911 twice. I call you all only when necessary, and you can research how many times I “burdened” you all through the 911, Main Number, and your number.  Don’t curse others because of me.

 Chief, I don’t want to see their Jack Russell Terrier abused, mistreated, killed, nor taken away and “put down”. PLEASE, help her, if not because of your disdain and hatred for me “blowing the whistle” on your cop (who WAS in the wrong), then for the sake of the county’ unwritten and unadvertised short list of lives that are of value to the county’ and police’ time.

Thank you.





I am at the moment pondering whether I should delete my account with Word Press. I just went through my messages and was quite hurt by two messages I received telling me to “keep on rambling”.

Another message told me to go to church. That the church could help me.

One person considers a missing person “rambling” if the person complains about the police shirking their tax paid duty in solving a missing persons case. Another person believes the pastor, deacon, trustee, Sunday School teacher, choir director, and lay person can do the police departments job since the police want the money but don’t want to do the job!

Have we as a society in the year 2016 been so desensitized that a missing person trying to find their identity, know their genealogy, know their family medical history, know their family before the family dies off, to simply right a wrong is now classified as a “rambler” and needs to go to church?!?!

Frankly, to tell you the truth I use to go to church. The pastor even knew part of my situation and called me a liar!

I am a Christian that deserves to burn in hell, but even though I don’t deserve any grace from the Lord, HE doesn’t give up on me, unlike the police, National Center For Missing and Exploited Children, the church, and now people in Word Press.

I know I have not mentioned the Lord in my post’ which is a sin. I don’t know why, maybe deep down, sub-consciously, I knew people on Word Press would not bother reading my posts if I mentioned HIM.

I want so bad to find my family and I know I cannot expect any of you to even understand, nor even have compassion for my situation when none of you even have walked in my shoes nor walked in the shoes of another missing person or their family’ shoes.

When have any of you spent endless days and nights crying for your missing child? When have any of you spent endless days and nights wondering if your child is safe or if their raped mutilated decomposing body is dumped in the woods somewhere with the carnivores eating what’ left of your child?!?! When have any of you ever been a terrified missing child crying for your mother or dad wondering if you would ever see them again? When have any of you been a missing child that when you went to the police, the police turned their back on you? When have  any of you ever been a parent looking for your child and the police and National Center For Missing and Exploited Children abandoned your child and ignored you?!?! When have any of you had a  pastor, deacon, Sunday School teacher, trustee, etc. call you a “liar”, AND

even REFUSE to pray for you?!?!?!?!

Please forgive my “rambling” and my rebellion in not going to church, BUT

until you walk in my or another’ shoes, please keep your insensitive comments to yourself because they are not helpful and only tell me and others going thru this that we are only “rambling” and need to go to church!!!!!!!